Saturday, March 28, 2015

Mini Sniffathon

I am in the midst of busy season at my job. Today was my 4th day of a scheduled 11 day work stretch, and when they asked if anyone wanted to leave early, I gladly volunteered. I decided to make the rounds to NYC perfume spots, instead of taking the train straight home. I needed some new footage for my You Tube channel trailer anyway, so off I went walking down Madison Avenue.

First stop was Jo Malone. My friend Claudia was curious about their Rock The Ages collection, so I went in and sniffed them for her. They were all ok, but nothing mind blowing. I liked Birch & Black Pepper best, but that's probably too masculine for her taste.

Next I went into Bond No 9 to check out their latest, Park Avenue South. It's a nice spring perfume, leaning very femme. To me it smelled like apple Jolly Ranchers.

I popped in to see the new Le Labo boutique on E65th Street, and introduce myself. I didn't do any sniffing there, as there wasn't anything new. They told me the next release would be in the fall, but as I write this I can't remember what note they said it would be based on. I'll update when I remember.

Next stop was the Hermés Boutique. You're not going to believe this, but it was my first time visiting! The SA was very nice and helpful. I asked about Le Jardin de Monsieur Li. Not available for sale, but they had a tester. YES! I really liked it. I will review it when it comes out in April. I've been very curious about Cuir d`Ange after watching The Fragrance Bros video. I was able to get a sample. We'll see what I think of it.

I am really looking forward to the new Acqua di Parma release Colonia Ambre, so I stopped into Barney's, but unfortunately I'll have to wait a few more weeks until it comes in.

Next I stopped at Krigler. Didn't sniff anything, just snapped a pic.

Next stop Time Warner Center, a mall I've never visited either, by Columbus Circle. There was a Sephora, Diptyque, L'Occitane, and Hugo Boss. I went into Diptyque to sample L'eau Trois, after reading an article by my friend Victor Wong at a Facebook group, and into L'Occitane to sample a new fragrance I saw posted by my friend Charlotte at FFF, called Iris Bleu & Iris Blanc. I was quite surprised at how nice the L'Occitane fragrance was. Well, not really, as I'm a fan of most iris based perfumes. I was pretty impressed and think I'll review it. I've been looking forward to a new release I've been hearing about by Hugo Boss called Bottled Intense, but the SA at the boutique didn't have any clue about it, or any helpful information. It amazes me how fashion brands that also have perfume lines, the perfumes always seem to be an after thought at their boutiques, and not really pushed by the SA's. Oh well, I did at least get to smell Hugo Boss Bottled, which I previously have never gotten my nose on. A recent post at PLP by my friend and fellow GoodSmella Rich Scardaville had me curious about Hugo Boss Bottled as well. My oh my, does it ever end? I think not.

Well, that's all for now. I hope you have entered my draw for a bottle of the new Von Eusersdorff Classic Opoponax. If not, you still have a few more days, and can do so here. Also, be sure to check out my mini review of Tauerville Rose Flash.