Friday, October 9, 2015

NEW Bruno Fazzolari Seyrig REVIEW

Bruno Fazzolari is an artist and perfumer based in San Francisco, California. He creates small batch perfumes by hand using the best raw materials he can find.

His latest perfume was just recently launched and it is called Seyrig.

From the Bruno Fazzolari website: "Inspired by the aldehydic motifs of late sixties and early seventies perfume, Seyrig centers on an artistic interpretation of the Syringa flower — a relative of lilac that resists olfactory extraction. Crisp aldehydes are draped over rich rose de mai and ylang ylang absolutes with a foundation of oakmoss, resins, and musks for a spicy finish. This is a bold, statement scent that bridges perfume’s past with the present"

Seyrig opens up with a HUGE no-holds-barred blast of aldehydes. Whispering behind the aldehydic cloud, is Rose de Mai and red mandarin. There is a soapy quality for the first phase of Seyrig, but that of an expensive luxury soap, and in the best way possible. The floral components of ylang ylang and orris are mild mannered on my skin, but add another layer to the initial soapy aspect. In the dry down, I get an earthy oakmoss and subtle musk, adding a slightly darker texture to the composition.

Seyrig has both excellent sillage and longevity, coming in at 10 hours on my skin. Those who follow my reviews know that I have scent-sponge skin but not with this perfume.

A nod to the perfumes of yore, but with a modern wearable sensibility.

NOTES: Aldehydes, Red Mandarin, Rose de Mai Absolute, Ylang Ylang Absolute, Syringa Accord, Oakmoss, Musks, Muguet Accord, Radical Chic.

I'm sure that Mr. Fazzolari's listed note of Radical Chic was intended in a playful manner, but make no mistake, Seyrig is most definitely chic.

Seyrig is an Eau de Parfum concentration. A 30ml bottle will run you $110 and can be purchased at Twisted Lily.

DISCLAIMER: This review was based on a sample sent by the perfumer, and all opinions are my own.