Friday, January 1, 2016

REVIEW M. Micallef The N°1 Exclusively for Osswald with GoodSmella Rich

Ring in 2016 Draw Winners Are....

Ring in 2016 Draw Winners!

16 draws to celebrate the New Year. Winners chosen by

1. Courtesy of Andy Tauer at Tauerville:

Four 10ml roll-on Rose Flash, Vanilla Flash, Incense Flash and Amber Flash - one winner
WINNER: Olga Rose

2. Courtesy of Dawn at DSH Perfumes:

10 ml each of Giverny in Bloom, The Voices of Trees, and Zeitgeist 55 -one winner (INTERNATIONAL)

WINNER: nezzabel

3. Courtesy of  Victor at Zoologist Perfumes:

A 60ml bottle of any Zoologist Perfume (NORTH AMERICA ONLY)
WINNER: Wayne Hollander

4. Courtesy of  Sarah at 4160 Tuesdays:

Two Crimes of Passion Sample Set - two winners (1 US and 1 Europe)

WINNERS: Carolyn Gudgel and Keef

5. Courtesy of Franck at Élisire Parfums:

50ml bottle of Ambre Nomade + full line sample set (US ONLY)


6. Courtesy of Josh at Imaginary Authors:

Five Every Storm A Serenade Samples (US ONLY)

WINNERS: jboukis, Dagmar Thatcher, Igor K, Amy Lynn, and Diane Devlin

7. Courtesy of Karl at Nomenclature:

Full bottle of winners choice (US ONLY)

WINNER: Lori Laws

8. Courtesy of Eric at Eric Buterbaugh Florals:

One 250ml flacon of Apollo Hyacinth and One 250ml flacon of Regal Tuberose - two winners (INTERNATIONAL)

WINNERS: Apollo Hyacynth GlitterGirl and Regal Tuberose Loreta Loreta

9. Courtesy of  Carlos at Arquiste Parfumeur:

Dark Galleon 8.9 oz candle and Nanban sample - one winner (US ONLY)

WINNER: Kadu Alves

10. Courtesy of Matt at Ex-Idolo:

A full bottle of Ryder

WINNER: Albert Wesker

11. Courtesy of Christi at House of Matriarch:

A 50ml bottle of Albatross (NORTH AMERICA ONLY)


12. Courtesy of Camille of Von Eusersdorff:

100ml bottle of Classic Opoponax
WINNER: Roachie K

13. Courtesy of Ruth of Orlov Paris:

Orlov Paris Discovery Set - one winner (US ONLY)


14. Courtesy of Fillipo of UNUM Parfum:

Winners choice 100ml bottle of Rosa Nigra or Opus 1144 - one winner (US and EUROPE (EXCEPT SWITZERLAND) ONLY)

WINNER: sandipants

15. Courtesy of Candice at CJ Scents:

15ml bottle of Hookah
WINNER: Claudia0219

16. Courtesy of William at Scent Trunk:

Six month subcription (NORTH AMERICA ONLY)

WINNER: Rego0912

Congratulations to all the winners! Please send an e mail with your choice (if applies) and shipping information to Winners have until January 15, 2016 to claim prize via e mail. If prizes are not claimed they will be forfeited to another winner. Please allow up to 1 month for prize to arrive. Many special thanks to all of the wonderful perfume companies that participated.

Happy New Year!