Thursday, May 19, 2016

Interview with Maria McElroy of Aroma M Perfumes + Vanilla Hinoki Samples GIVEAWAY


  1. A wonderful interview with Maria and I love that her perfume has longevity! Vanilla Hinoki sounds lovely. My favorite vanilla perfume has to be Guerlain Spiritueuse Double Vanille because it's the one that I reach for the most. Thanks so much for the generous draw! :-)

  2. Enchanting interview! The new Hinoki Vanilla perfume sounds absolutely perfect. Such a pleasure to sit in on your conversation, thank you for sharing this with us!
    (I'm not entering the draw, simply because I feel a blind buy coming on....hehehe feeling naughty)

  3. I am completely intrigued with this fragrance after seeing this video! I don't have many dominant vanilla perfumes because it's a tough note to get right. The closest one I would say would be Dior Hypnotic Poison. Vanilla Hoki sounds absolutely beautiful. And I know exactly what you mean when you say the notes "float" on the skin. I use that say term. I'd be thrilled to win some samples from Maria's line! I shared your video on G+. I live in New York. Maybe I'll take a trip to her boutique. I'd love to meet her.