Thursday, January 12, 2017

Winners of Ring In 2017 Giveaway Are.....

1.  Nishane Fan Your Flames Full Bottle - Cesar Arantes 
2. Aroma M Perfumes Vanilla Hinoki 10ml roll-on – Kadu Alves 
3. Arquiste El & Ella Sample Sets – Amy and ringthing 4. Rahele Samples with logo disc – Meg and Maximum 
5. Eric Buterbauch Florals Kingston Osmanthus Full Bottle – Allister 
6. Kemi Aurum Full Bottle – Tonny Johnson 
7. DSH Perfumes Chinchilla and Kaleidoscope Dram Minis - s.mags 
8. Aedes de Venustas Grenadille d'Afrique Full Bottle – Patrick Echevarria 
9. PK Perfumes Starry Starry Night Full Bottles – Tati O 
10. Zoologist Perfumes Civet Full Bottle - christophersisk 
11. The Different Company Adjatay Travel Spray – Oscar Allyo 
12. SAUF Contre Bombarde 32 Full Bottle – Cepero Brito 
13. Hendley Perfumes Amora 7ml Travel Spray – T-Max 
14. $30 Twisted Lily Gift Card – Emilio Oliviera Cruz 
15. Phlur Bottle of Choice – Aaron 
16. Jul et Mad Paris Secrets du Paradis Rouge Nomad Spray – Ms Stanleydragonjr 
17. Quartana Parfums Les Potions Fatales Sample Sets – Daniel Jiminez and Vin Marty

Congratulations to all of the winners. Please send an email with your shipping information to

Many thanks to all of the perfume companies for their generous participation.

Here's to another full year of BFL reviews, interviews, and collaborations.