Saturday, July 15, 2017

Indie-Scent Exposure, Episode 9: Kyse Perfumes + GIVEAWAY


  1. I've tried these when she was still Perfumes by Terri:
    Elegance Sombre
    Frollino Lavanda
    Vanille Debauche
    Confit de Rose
    Vertigo Cuir
    Douceur Brulee
    Sucre et Fleurs
    Mandorlo Cioccolato

    Cacao with sandalwood and earth sounds interesting but then Terreno Dolce sounds interesting with earth and incense. I like her frags but don't love them because I am not a gourmand lover. So, these two are different for her line! I would try either of those. I think Terrano Dolce.

  2. Everyone should try Terris wonderful sandalwood et terre fragrance. I would not really call it gourmand. I don't like very sweet fragrance.

  3. We have sampled all of Terri`s scents, and all are swooners!! :-) :-)

  4. I haven't tried any of the new scents, but her gourmands are fantastic and a must have for anyone who likes sweet scents that are interesting and not just straight-ahead baked goods smell. Her blends are magical.

  5. I've only tried Elegance Sombre but I find it lovely and nuanced with decent sillage. The scent also tends to last quite a while on me.

  6. Love Terri's scents and have tried all but this one which is the newest. I own 7 plus 3 argan oil ones (not including what I have sent to my daughter). Terri's the best. I really want to try this one. I have all three of the others you tried. Love them all.