Sunday, January 14, 2018

NEW Chris Collins Alchemy of Fragrance - Harlem Nights, Renaissance Man, Danse Sauvage REVIEW with Redolessence + 5 Sample Sets GIVEAWAY


  1. Hi Guys,I've Haven't Heard Of Chris Collins,But Im Excited To Hear About His Line Of Fragrances,I've Tried Others,And They All Have That Overwhelming Alcohol Smell. I'm Definitely Going To Find Out More About Chris Collins!!! Thanks Guys P.S. I Love The BVLGARI MAN IN BLACK LIMITED EDITION ESSENCE!!! Because It Was So Hard To Find,I Ended Up Buying 2Bottles!!! Lol Like Always Great Review Gentleman.Thank You.

  2. Great job in introducing a new fragrance house. I'm always looking to try something newel three sound very interesting to try.