Saturday, December 3, 2016

Parfums de Marly Habdan REVIEW with Tiff Benson & Redolessence + GIVEAWAY

Buy Parfums de Marly Habdan Eau de Parfum unisex at Notino


  1. They have a special iron square you put into the campfire to make personal sized pies or pocket sandwiches with. You can also make a pie within a cast iron pot over the campfire.😀 I can teach you how to cook on a rock in the wild Carlos...LOL....comes from being the only girl in a family of hunters. This sounds like a gorgeous fragrance. A lovely interview like you Carlos I would need cue cards.😄

  2. Carlos. You have me wanting to run into the city sick and all to experience this fragrance.
    Where is it available?

    And hello Tiffany ����

  3. I really like the male reviewer. I have seen him in a few of your videos, and he does a great job. I have wanted to try Godolphin for a long while, which he mentions. This house interests me because of the Arabian horse references. I have horses and am into the history of the foundation stallions. It's cool that they formed a house based on this principle. I really am not into gourmands though. I've tried Hamdani, Herod and Pegasus. Of these, Hamdani is my favorite. It is a like for me, not a love.

  4. This is my first time hearing about this brand but am definitely interested in sampling!