Thursday, February 16, 2017

Zara Tobacco Collection Rich/Warm/Addictive REVIEW with Mr & Mrs Redolessence + 5ml Decant GIVEAWAY


  1. We're raving about this here on this side of the world (Philippines) as well. It's like an almost Herod from Parfums de Marly but it managed to make it its own fragrance.

    Other notable stuff from Zara would be Aromatic Mind (the almost Sauvage) and Vibrant Leather (their take on Aventus). 9.0 mimics Dior Homme's character as well.

  2. Yes, Carlos, I am stalking you. No, I honestly just love and trust your reviews. I like niche and unique scents so I'm truly interested in this one and I can't find it anywhere. I'm not giving up yet. I'm reaching out to the family in NY and NJ to see if someone can send me some.

  3. Another amazing sounding fragrance wasn't sure about a tabacco scent being an ex smoker and having really enjoyed getting rid of that smell but am intrigued by the sound of something that smells like hazelnut coffee one of my favorite smells. So I'd love to have a chance to sample this as well.