Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Christian Dior Fahrenheit 32 (2007) REVIEW + 10ml Decant GIVEAWAY

Buy Christian Dior Fahrenheit 32 Eau de Toilette for men at Notino.com


  1. Wow, those notes sound really lovely and more feminine/unisex. I am interested in how it smells cold. I am dying to get a decant of the regular Fahrenheit. The reason? In high school around 1986, my boyfriend wore Fahrenheit. I was so crazy about him that I slept with his sweater that smelled like him. Then I got some Fahrenheit and used to wear it so that I smelled like him. I was unisex before unisex was cool!!! I also wore combat boots before they were cool. :)

  2. sounds like an amazing fragrance thanks for bringing this one to my attention and thanks for the opportunity at a decant as I look forward to sampling this one now and perhaps picking up a bottle in the future.