Sunday, April 30, 2017

Indie-Scent Exposure, Episode 3: Amouroud + Deluxe Sample Set GIVEAWAY courtesy of Osswald NYC


  1. Thank you for this introduction!!! All moment in your video were interesting for me, because Amouroud's perfumеs are unknown for me. So, it was very interesting to hear you ))) I am interesting especially in Safran Rare.

  2. Wow, I never heard of this house!!! Though I am a Tea Rose fanatic. It's one of my original loves. I am addicted to oud. Not the barnyard piss smell and not the fake light oud always mixed with rose but the really dirty, sexy, deep, smokey ouds like Boadicea does. Safran Rare was the one with leather and spicy though I do not like Montale or Tuscan Leather. Hmmm. And the gourmand floral sounds interesting though I am not too into gourmands. Okay, I gots to go with the over the top oud with Oud d'Jour. I am looking for oud!

  3. Great presentation and well explained each fragrance. This seems like a very interesting house. I'm an oud lover, so I'm interested in fragrances which contain these notes. Also Santel des indies along with Safran Rare sounds intriguing too
    Charles, USA