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My Favorite Perfume Releases of 2015 + Ring In 2016 GIVEAWAY (CLOSED)

Another year has passed and it's time to recap my favorite perfume releases of 2015. Some perfumes that I didn't get to sniff, but certainly would have loved to: Naomi Goodsir Iris Cendre, Parfum d'Empire Tabac Tabou, Roja Dove Great Britain, to name a few. Let's get to the perfumes that I DID get to sniff.

It's rare that I love the whole collection of any particular line, but this is certainly the case with Neela Vermeire Creations. I was blessed to get to spend New Years Day 2015 with 2 dear friends, Neela Vermeire and Lucy Raubertas. That was the day I first got my nose on Pichola, and it was love at first sniff. A glorious modern white floral. Pichola was not officially released until March 2015. You can read my review here.

Iris Violet by Alexandre J is absolutely swoon worthy. A fresh floral and fruity composition that is to die for. I look forward to exploring more from the line.

Jul et Mad Paris Les White collection, consisting of Néa, Garuda, and Nin-Shar. Each one exquisitely done. Néa and Garuda were composed by talented upcoming perfumer Luca Maffei, and Nin-Shar by Sidonie Lancesseur. My full review is here.

Photo by Hisao Oka and 

Nanban the 12th addition to Carlos Huber's Arquiste Parfumeur collection. A rich and full bodied fragrance, that is a bit daring, yet remains true to the refined quality and aesthetic of the brand. You can read my full review here. Arquiste just released a collection of candles that are not to be missed.

I was a late to the party with Jeffrey Dame's Dame Perfumery Scottsdale, a line that was launched in 2014. I didn't discover the line until 2015, and I am very happy that I did. Jeffrey Dame creates lovely and VERY wearable fragrances. Standout releases for me were Leather Man, Dark Horse, and New Musk Man. He recently released a line of Soliflore perfume oils. The Gardenia and Osmanthus from that collection are absolutely stunning. Check out my video on Dame Perfumery here.

Renowned independent perfumer is always busy creating new perfumes. My favorites of her work created in 2015 are Giverny in Bloom, The Voices of Trees, and Zeitgeist 55. Giverny in Bloom is a gorgeous green floral perfume inspired by Monet's beloved gardens. The Voices of Trees is a pine tree forest in a bottle. Zeitgeist 55 is one of the best leather based fragrances that I've smelled in a very long time. For me it smells like a well worn black leather motorcycle jacket. Rugged and masculine. Fantastic!

Xerjoff XJ 1861 Collection was created to commemorate the anniversary of the 150th anniversary of  the unification of Italy. The collection consists of XJ 1861 Renaissance, XJ 1861 Zefiro and XJ 1861 Naxos. The perfumes are inspired by the wealth, beauty and heritage of Italian culture. Check out my review here.

Zoologist Perfumes Hummingbird. This time, creative director Victor Wong teamed with independent perfumer Shelley Waddington. Hummingbird is a delightful blend of fruity nectar and light floral notes. You can read my review here.

My favorites from Roja Dove Parfums  A Goodnight Kiss and Parfum De La Nuit No 3.

Maria McElroy has created a beautiful and carefree floral perfume called Voluptuous Nostalgia. The inspiration was 1950's Rome as depicted in the movie Roman Holiday which starred Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant.

4160 Tuesdays released 7 new perfumes in a collection called Crimes of Passion. According to their press release "Scents so beautiful you would follow whoever wears them to the end of the world to smell them again." A stunning collection created by perfumer Sarah McCartney. All beautiful, but standouts for me were Midnight In The Palace Garden, Goddess of Love & Perfume, and Maxed Out. Check out my review of Maxed Out here.

Bruno Fazzolari Seyrig. A nod to the perfumes of yore, but with a modern wearable sensibility. You can read my full review here.

2015 was the year of Tauerville for me. I loved every single launch, Incense Flash, Vanilla Flash and Amber Flash. You can check out my reviews: Vanilla Flash, Incense Flash, and Amber Flash.

Suede Et Safran an excellent addition to a fabulous niche line from Turkey called Nishane. Check out my overview of the line at Twisted Lily here.

Just in time to make my year end favorites list, Every Storm A Serenade by Imaginary Authors. Josh Meyer has created a wonderful aquatic fragrance with shades of pine and vetiver. Watch the MEGA review with many YouTube reviewers on the Fragrance Bros channel here.

House of Matriarch Albatross created by the magical Christi Meshell. Seabreeze, driftwood, timber and other notes in a natural perfume that is like no other.

Hookah by CJ Scents. An AMAZING  honeyed tobacco fragrance created by Michigan based Candice Edmunds Jurko. A little jasmine and apple. So good, and POTENT.

Providence Perfume Co. Provanilla created by Charna Ethier. A natural perfume composed of 5 varieties of vanilla that is just gorgeous. My review is here.

Von Eusersdorff released their sixth fragrance called Classic Opoponax, and it was another winner for me. My review is here.

Sentiers de Comètes by Yeye Parfums. A gorgeous floral bouquet with a wonderful vanillic amber dry down.

Salome is the fourth perfume in UK based Papillon Artisan Perfumes by the talented Liz Moore. As much as I love this retro feel big floral perfume, I wish that all of the skanky notes everyone is talking about came through on my skin. Then again I didn't get those notes on my skin from Muscs Koublai Khan either LOL. Still a fantastic perfume. A very big thank you to Ann from Indigo Perfumery for sending me the sample.

Ryder the second release from UK based brand Ex-Idolo. A fantastic fragrance with notes that include jasmine, tobacco, amber resins and more. My review is here.

Dior Fève Délicieuse is a bittersweet gourmand that is just amazing.

Pomelo Paradis by Atelier Cologne. Grapefruit at it's best. My review is here.

AJ Arabia IV was wonderful on my skin. I go through the line with Josie at Osswald NYC here.

Rosa Nigra and Opus 1144 from Italian niche house UNUM founded by Fillipo Sorcinelli based on the spirituality of the Gothic Roman period. I love the whole aesthetic of the company, and these two perfumes are a wonderful addition. Their first release Lavs is one of my favorite incense perfumes, and I'm sure it is destined to become a classic.

Delightful Orange Blossom

Le Troisieme Parfum is the third release from NYC based brand By Coolife founded by Pauline Rochas and Carole Beaupré. Uplifting citrus and neroli flower. I think all of the offerings in the collection are solid. You can watch a brief interview I did with Pauline here.

I was not a fan of the original Aqua Vitae. When I tested Aqua Vitae Forte, it was complete love at first sniff. Bright lemon, spices, a gorgeous floral trail and a smooth woody dry down. Did I mention long lasting? Hours upon hours. I will own a bottle of this, and soon!

New Perfume Lines

Florist to the stars, Eric Buterbaugh premiered his first perfume collection Eric Buterbaugh Florals with beauty industry veteran and partner Fabrice Croisé. My favorites from the line are Apollo Hyacyinth and Regal Tuberose. You can check out my interview with the founders here.

Nomenclature was founded by Karl Bradl (co-owner of Aedes Perfumery) and designer Carlos Quintero. The line debuted with four fragrances that each highlighted a different lab designed aroma chemical. My favorite was efflor_esce. You can read my review here.

Orlov Paris, a perfume line founded by gemologist Ruth Séry and her husband Thomas Méaulle. The collection consists of seven perfumes inspired by precious diamonds, and were composed by Dominique Ropion. My favorites were Flame of Gold and Star of The Season.My review can be found here.

One of my favorites perfumers released a line of aquatic fragrances called Pierre Guillaume Collection Croisiere. The line premiered in early 2015 with four fragrances, with another four recently added. A standout favorite for me is Chypre Mojito. You can check out my review here.

Another line that I enjoyed each and every fragrance is Raymond Matts Aura de Parfum collection. A collection of 7 stunning perfumes that are all very wearable. I interviewed Raymond with Suzanne of Nezbar. You can check it out here.

One of the best amber perfumes I sniffed this year was Ambre Nomade, from a new niche line called Élisire Parfums. My interview with founder Franck Salzwiedel is here

Atelier des Ors debuted a line of five fragrances. My favorites were Lune Feline and  Larmes du Désert. You can watch my video with Josie at Osswald NYC here,

Seven Middle Eastern inspired perfumes from Italian niche house Moresque Parfum. My personal favorites were Emiro, Diadema and Rand. Josie takes me through the line at Osswald NYC here.

Designer Fragrances

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Profumo. I've always loved the original, and in this edition you get added incense and it's wonderful. My review is here.

John Varvatos Dark Rebel composed by Rodrigo Flores-Roux. Easily one of my favorite designer releases of 2015. My review is here.

Ultra Male by Jean Paul Gaultier. A party fragrance for sure. My review is here.

One of the biggest surprises this year for me was Icon from Dunhill London. My review is here.

Azzaro Pour Homme Intense, A surprisingly excellent flanker to the original released in 1978. My review is here.

Ralph Lauren Supreme Oud. Not much to do with the original Polo, but I still enjoyed it very much. My review is here.

For Women

Marc Jacobs Decadence

Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme

Alaia Paris Alaia

Creed Royal Princess Oud. I really liked this one a lot, and need to do a review on it soon. It starts out fresh and fruity and dries down to a very nice woody vibe. The name is misleading in my opinion, as it can absolutely be a unisex fragrance, and the oud doesn't really appear until the far dry down, although very faintly. Excellent longevity.

Some other perfumes that I really enjoyed. If I reviewed them they will have a link.

2. L'Occitane en Provence Iris Bleu Iris Blanc 
3. Memo Paris African Leather 
4. Guerlain Habit Rouge Dress Code 
6. Comme des Garcons Floriental 
7. Diptyque Oud Palao 
8. Jo Malone Cardamom and Mimosa 
9. Jo Malone Orris and Sandalwood 
12. Lubin Upper 10 
13. Miu Miu 
14. Parfums de Nicolai Ambre Cashmere 
15. Prada Olfactories Nue au Soleil 
18. Slumberhouse Kiste

One of my favorite sample subscription services is Scent Trunk. They've come a long way, and have improved their look and service tremendously. Not only that, they donate 1.5 of sales to #fightdepression. Look for a video review on my channel coming soon.

Lastly, Dior Sauvage. This was probably the most polarizing fragrance of the year in the fragrance community. I have to admit, that at first I wasn't blown away. I will leave that to expecting more from the house of Dior. In the end, as I wore the fragrance throughout the year, it finally grew on me. It's a perfect work scent, and longevity is killer. You can find my review here.

Well that's all for 2015.

Ring in 2016 Draw!

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